Phone-to-Phone Sharing Is Here!

We’ve just released a major upgrade to our iPhone and iPad app- Triprecall-Mobile! Our first version was focussed on creating a trip on your iPhone and sharing that trip with someone who has a new Apple TV. We knew that, although a great first step, we couldn’t stop there. So, now with Triprecall-M you can create trips on your device and share them with anyone else who has Triprecall-M on their iPhone or iPad as well. Even better- we make a movie from your trip and you can play it. You, or the people you share your trips with, can even AirPlay it to any Apple TV (gen 2, 3 & 4). Woohoo! We’ve also done a little work to allow you to see trips that you have shared from one of your devices with another. For example- if you make a trip on your iPhone- you can now see…Keep Reading

Your story is not just one video anymore

There’s nothing better than diving into a completely new city, and finding a host of new favorite places. But how can you be sure of unearthing those hidden gems that are perfect for you?

When you’re travelling, time is precious. You want to get the most out of it. Instead of some trendy, overpriced diner on a crowded tourist street, you want to find that hidden gem of a neighbourhood restaurant. You want to explore; you want the adventure. And now, you have a guide.

If fact with TriplAgent, the excitement starts the moment you decide to travel. Because we’re making it easier and more fun to plan your trip, and gather ideas. More inspiration. Less